Interested in increasing your catch? Perhaps understanding the aquatic environment would be helpful. Consider the services of the Addicted Angler School of Angling.

indexpic“Enjoying a great day on the water is what fishing is all about. Education is the key to success. All of our trips, guiding, and instructions through my school emphasize your success and having a great day.”  Tony

 **In March 2018 Justin Pitman asked me to help him set up a fly shop in Mt. Holly Springs, PA.  Currently PRECISION FLY & CONVENTIONAL TACKLE shop is doing well.  My business, The Addicted Angler has been in business for approximately 20 years and I have worked in the fishing industry most of my adult life.  At 65 years of age, I feel it is time to start backing down.  I have visited many distant waters but have many more to explore.

I will still be doing shows, guiding and educational programs but mainly through the Precision Fly & Tackle Shop.  The events I will participating in are listed on the 2019 Calendar of Events page on this website or you can consult www.precisionflyfishing.com.