Addicted Angler Schools Dates



PRECISION FLY & TACKLE SHOP, 502 N. Baltimore Avenue Mt. Holly Springs, PA


Schools usually start at 8:00 am unless other arrangements are made in advance. Basic flyfishing schools use the same criteria as our private schools. Each student receives a basic how to fly fish book,a dozen flys and a hearty lunch. Also my phone number and e-mail is provided for any future question you may have! This class is 8 hours of basic needed information to get you on tract for your next outing.

March 31      April 27      May 25      June 22

Cost $195.00 per person


If you have some fishing experience under you belt and/or have taken a beginner course, this could be the next step for a very successful fishing outing.

Shad Specialty School  April 4   

This is a four hour program including drinks, snacks and a box of flys to take home!

Price $100

SHAD FISHING TRIP   APRIL 13-14,  Fredricksburg, VA

Price $75.00 (lodging not included, see Precision Fly & Tackle website for complete details of this trip)


Fishing Limestone Streams    (date to be determined)

Ask anyone who has fished true limestone streams and they will tell you it can be a hard nut to crack. I explain how to select flys and timing of each pattern and demonstrate how to fish each pattern.   This includes the approach and techniques needed to be successful on these technical streams. Many times that little thing can be the difference between catching and not catching those wild browns. Analyzing a stream is extremely important. What works today may or may not work tomorrow.

This also is a 4 hour program with snacks and a box of flys to use and take home.

Matching the Hatch      May 11   (4:00pm until dark)

Every one wants to fish the Hatch. And when and if it occurs you better be ready. Some hatches such as early spring hatches can occur during mid day due to water temperature and conditions. Others do not begin until last light and into dark. We will go over major and minor hatch timing as well as flys needed to be used before, during the hatch and spinner fall. Also you will do some aquatic insect seining. Hopefully all your questions will be answered. I try to use flyfishing terms. There is usually no need to speak Latin to understand what is going on!