tony1The Addicted Angler is not only the name of my company but also describes myself as well. When I was only old enough to walk, I had my first taste of fishing with a stick and a worm and the help from my dad. At the age of 12, I became intrigued with the art of fly fishing through magazine articles. That Christmas I was pleased to find a used fly rod and a fly tying kit under the tree. Frustrating is probably the best word to describe the next few years at fly fishing and tying. There were not nearly the books and magazines that there are now on fly fishing. Taking courses on aquatic entomology, rod building, fly tying, and flyfishing, only made me realize there was much more to learn.  However, I have found that all of the classes and reading cannot match the education gained from practical experience learned along the stream. Many years of trial and error and hard work have led me to my current level of proficiency, which I will be happy to share with you. And I am still learning! Or, perhaps you are frustrated in the opposite sense, since the market is now overloaded with books, magazines, equipment, and opportunities. Fishing throughout the East, West,  a few trips to Alaska and Nova Scotia, I have enjoyed many hours of fishing free flowing cold waters, lakes, saltwater inlets, sound and surf. I hope your fascination with fishing will lead you to the services of the Addicted Angler so that you will attain a fishing friend for life.


“Over the past 35 years, I have worked with thousands of student fishermen and enjoy the challenge of preparing them for a great day on the water.”







“The old saying that 10% of fishermen catch 90% of the fish certainly applies to Tony Dranzo. Coupled with his years of experience in finding fish in local streams and a down-to-earth approach, Tony presents the tactics needed to catch a particular fish in simple and understanding terms. I heartily recommend him as a guide to any level of fishermen, from beginner to expert, whether you want him to put you over fish then get out of the way, or to help you catch them too. Tony is your man”

– Paul Rouse
Former Editor, Mid-Atlantic
Fly Fishing Magazine
Mt. Holly Springs, PA