The Letort Spring Run is a true limestone stream, legandary for it’s large wild browns. If you are an advanced angler looking for a challenge, this stream could be for you.


The “Letort”, a world famous limestone stream, has set the bar for all other limestones.  Anglers have profited from the knowledge of writings from authors such as Marinaro, Fox, Shank and many others.  Fly fishing has changed and been refined from time spent on this stream probably more than any other in modern times.  To say the history of this stream “runs deep” would be a vast understatement. The stream, itself, maintains good water temperature with long slow moving pools, water cress and elodea (which can almost choke the stream’s surface at times) making it nearly impossible to fish.  This  vegetation provides both cover and food (scuds) to support a healthy wild fishery.  May fly hatches are not what they used to be, so adjustments have had to be made in a fisherman’s approach to this jewel of a stream.  Many fly patterns have been developed for angling on the Letort, such as Letort cricket, Letort hopper, cressbugs, thorax dry flies, and jassid are a few. Currently, fishing cressbugs, shrimp, sculpin, and testelated darter patterns are a mainstay.  Add a blue winged olive, black stonefly and a sulphur dun to cover most of the aquatic insects.  Terrestrials are needed on all summer trips, no matter where you are.