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IMG_0126Narrated Slide Programs:

  • Great Lake Steelhead – (approx. 1hr)

Experience some great fall and winter steelhead fishing on Lake Ontario and Lake Erie’s tributaries.

  • Introducing the Cumberland Valley – (approx. 1 hour)

This is a great program for the first time visitors wanting to flyfish some of the east’s great trout waters. Adding enough details to help and execute a successful trip.

  • Fly Fishing the Cumberland Valley – (approx. 1 hour)

Deals with fishing for trout in all four seasons, primarily in limestone streams. Includes Yellow Breeches and its tributaries, Letort, Big Springs, and others.

  • Fly Fishing the Eastern US – (approx. 1 hour)
  • Alaskan Adventure

Take a 2 week journey starting at Anchorage and spending time on the Kenai Peninsula fishing for trout, salmon and a day trip for Halibut. Also experience sights that are within a days driving of Anchorage. This is a “do it on your own trip”. It will help cut costs so you can remain on your budget & still have a trip of a life time.

  • East Coast Shad Fishing – (approx.45 min)

45 minute slide presentation including history of how American shad helped form our country.

  • Trout, Shad, & Steelhead -(approx.45 min)


  • 1hr presentation $200.00 + expenses