“One of my goals is to put you on fish, explain and show you how you can catch them.”

IMG_0363_337x600Being a certified PA fishing guide, I have spent up to 200 days a year on local PA waters, as well as most eastern states, Colorado, New Mexico, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina and even Alaska. I enjoy fishing for cold water salmonoids as well as warm water and salt water species. I enjoy helping other anglers find and catch fish on my home waters as well as some distant waters where I have personally had successful catches.  I believe I can provide many tips and suggestions during your day on the water.

“Living on a tributary to the Yellow Breeches permits me to fish
on a regular basis. The above streams are within a few minutes from my home; and Big Spring, Green Springs, and Falling Springs are only about 30 minutes away. A good angler needs “to pay his dues” and I invest time on the water.  I honestly feel I work as hard as any instructor you will find.”


Outing Fees are $360.00   (6 hours) includes lunch

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***All Fishermen 16 years of age or older are required to have a PA fishing license.***

       Please be aware: Some special approved waters a Trout Stamp is also required

How to get your Pa fishing license:
All fishermen 16 years of age or older are required to have a fishing license in Pa. Also if fishing in approved trout water or wild trout water you must also have a Trout stamp. These can be purchased online (PA Fish & Boat Commission)  or at most Walmarts or many fishing tackle stores. Information on what license will fit your needs can be researched online at the Pa fish and boat website. Also, you can get a summary book of laws and seasons with your purchase. Please know the laws before going fishing to avoid any confrontation with law enforcement.